Monday, December 10, 2007

More on Directory Submitter - Free Directory Submission

So far I have used the free version of the Directory Submitter software to submit my blogs as well as my main website, FreeStuffed to a large variety of free directories. If you don't know what the Directory Submitter is, you can read more about it in a previous article here.

Anyway, the free version of Directory Submitter comes with around 350 directories where you can submit your website or blog. There are some of the directories that charge, but there are also lots of them that are free and the software allows you to sort the directories in several different ways. I generally sort them so the free ones come up first, then work my way down the line. Every once in a while I come across a paid directory that is listed as free, but they aren't common and can easily be skipped over. I also find that I run into some directories that are no longer active, or that just don't work, but there are many more that do and since the software fills in the forms for me it saves me enough time to make it well worth my time.

Another thing I like about the Directory Submitter is that if I don't like a directory, I can just delete it from my list. I can also report a directory as not functioning. They don't get removed from my software when I report them, but hopefully they check them out and maybe add a working site the next time someone else downloads it. I'm not sure how that part works.

The point is that since I have been using this, I have been watching the number of backlinks to my websites slowly climb. It will take a while, so don't expect miracles to happen overnight, but at least I can see some progress.

If you are interested in faster results there are a lot more directories available on the paid version. Personally, I haven't tried it. I don't feel the need to get into the paid advertising right now. I know that it is available if I need it, but for right now, I think that there are plenty of directories to keep me busy for at least a little while on the free version of Directory Submitter. If anyone else tries this, please give me your opinion.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Optimizing Your Website - Keyword Optimization

Sometimes it can be hard to find best keywords for optimizing your keyword tags. Although there are several paid resources that can help you to with your keyword selection, there are also a variety of great free keyword analyzers too though.

When trying to how to get the right keywords, you will want to find out what are the most popular keywords, or most searched keywords relating to your website. The sites below will help you in choosing keywords for your website, and once you come up with the best keywords for your site you should use them in your meta keywords tags if possible as well as using them on your site. This will help you in ranking well for particular keywords.

These are my picks for choosing the best keywords for your website...

I found KeywordSpy to be quite interesting in researching some of the various possible keywords that other similar sites might be using to drive traffic to their websites. You get limited views of everything on the free version at the website, but you can use it as much as you want. They also have a free trial offer available, although I haven't signed up for it. For now I have only tried the freebie that is available on the site although the website says that you will get more results by using the free trial so I might give it a try.

Wordtracker FREE keyword suggestion tool will provide you with the top 100 searches related to the search term you input on their form. You even have the option to filter the result to exclude adult content from your search if you wish. They also have a paid version available which offers many more suggestions, but I think that the top 100 is probably enough for most webmasters. Besides, if you aren't happy with the free results, just input a new search term and see a new list of results. Some may overlap, but you are bound to get some great suggestions.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool is also a useful tool in selecting the best search terms for your website. Just enter a term related to your site and you will get a list of related keywords. I have used this one quite a bit in the past and gotten some pretty good results. is a paid tool, but you can make some free searches there too. I have gotten some great free keyword lists here.

Rushmore's Keyword Research Tool is another useful site for researching which keywords would be best for your website. Just type in your key word or phrase and click the button. Within seconds you will begin seeing a list of great keywords to choose from. Depending on your connection speed, it might take a little while for the list to complete, but it is worth the wait.

HitTail offers it's basic service for free too, and although you have to register to use it, you get some great benefits from it. I just registered for their free basic service, and they are tracking search results on a couple of different sites for me, as well as offering keyword suggestions and more. I think I am going to be happy with this free service.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Want to Earn Money From Your Website?

There are lots of ways that you can do this. I know of many bloggers who have used PayPerPost, Blogvertive, TextLinkAds, etc. on their sites to earn extra income from their blogs. Of course Google Adsense is everywhere you look. Nearly everyone I know has Google Adsense on their pages.

Just recently I came across another site, called TNX and I am checking into them further, but from what I understand from talking to others the advertising links are very natural looking, and they have an affiliate program as well. Although I have signed up for an account, I haven't tried it out yet because I am still checking into a few details so that I am certain I don't break any rules with Google or anything. From what I have seen so far, It looks like it will be ok to use this along with Google Adsense though. This is a direct quote from their website:

Can I combine TNX ads with Google AdSense or any other ad broker?

Answer: Yes, you can combine TNX ads with any other advertising sponsor. Your visitors will see TNX ads as direct links (usually subject oriented) to other sites. Even if some context advertising system does not allow combining ads with similar systems, you would still be able to add our code to your pages, because TNX is not context oriented and nobody can stop you from placing a direct link to another site. The HTML code of our ads is not different from a regular link.

I also know that Google frowns on selling paid text links, but TNX ads are supposed to be so natural and fit in so well with your content that even Google isn't supposed to be able to tell whether or not they are paid links or regular ones. Anyway, here is the link so you can check it out for yourself. If you have tried it, let me know what you think. Otherwise, I will be posting more once I have tried it... Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

I Was Paid By PineCone Research

I joined PineCone Research recently and was given a couple of household surveys to complete right away. They do these to get an idea about what types of surveys you might qualify for. Anyway, the household surveys aren't paid, but they do pay for the other surveys, and so far I have received two checks from them during the short time that I have been a member.

The surveys ask for your opinions on a variety of things, mostly about new products and product ideas. I can't go into any details but the surveys should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes depending on your internet connection, and I earned $3 for them. So far I have been paid twice, and from what I have heard from other members, they get a survey or two every month or so. They also send out free products from time to time so that the survey panelists can try new products. I think that it is a good program, and would recommend it.

I had heard about it years ago and was told that the only way that you could sign up was by finding a banner somewhere and clicking on it. The trick was to find the banners, and it was a big mystery where it would turn up next because PineCone Research would not disclose this information. I was just discussing this with my sister a couple of weeks ago because my nephew was looking for some good paid survey sites to join. I came home and checked my email and found an email from them stating that they were looking for male participants over the age of 18, so of course I passed the information on to him. They don't accept all applications, but you can apply here.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take a Free Ride and Earn Points

I have to admit that I had forgotten all about one of the first programs that I had ever signed up with. I don't recall what ever became of them... Maybe I wasn't earning points as fast as I thought I should, probably because of my ridiculously slow dialup connection that wouldn't stay on long enough to accomplish anything (but that is another story) but anyway, I ran across them again and decided to give Free Ride another shot.

As with a couple of other programs that I have joined, one thing that I am disappointed with is that they don't seem to have an affiliate link available to place on my website. It seems that the only way that I can invite anyone to join me is to send them an email. I would really appreciate it if you would allow me to send you and email invitation. To do this, simply contact me with your email address. I promise that I will only use it to send you your invitation. If you don't wish to do that, I will understand and you can just follow the link below. Nobody will get the 100 referral points, but at least you can still join Free Ride.

Signing up for Free Ride is easy and you start out with 500 bonus points. You can earn points by clicking links on their emails, shopping through advertisers on their site, and various other actions.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Signed up Today...

I just signed up for Best-Price today, but it sounds like it might be a pretty good program if you like to get paid for your opinions. I am still looking around the site, and from what I have seen you get paid for writing reviews and having other members rate them. The more members rate your reviews, the more money you earn. The minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, and it seems that they pay rather quickly according to other members. I can't vouch for that myself since I just joined today, but I will let you know for sure once I reach the $5 minimum payout and request my payment.

As far as earnings go, they say that you earn money for your reviews based on quality, so in order to earn more money for your reviews, you get paid according to the ratings that they receive from other members.

It looks like you can also earn money by referring others, although from what I can tell so far, you can only refer them by sending an email through the site. I wish I had a referral link to add to this post, but unfortunately I can only get my referral money if I have your email address...

I guess that leaves a couple of choices... Of course I would appreciate it if I could get the $1.50 that they pay for a referral, so if you want to give me your email address, I promise that I won't spam you or anything. I will not use it for anything other than to send you and invitation. You can contact me at Please put "refer me to Best-Prices" in the subject line so I don't miss your email.

Otherwise, you can follow the link and sign up at the Best-Price website and nobody will earn the money. The choice is yours, but as I said, I would appreciate it if you would consider allowing me to send you an invitation so that we can both benefit from this offer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog Directories - Submit Your Blog For More Exposure

This is part one of a two part segment on submitting your blog to various blog directories. I have included a nice variety of blog directories here where you can easily submit your blog. Just go through the list and submit your blog to them, one at a time and this will help to increase your exposure, and along with it, your page rank. I hope that you will make good use of this list of blog directories and watch the traffic to your blog increase dramatically. Feel free to let me know in the comment section whether or not you found these blog directories beneficial in increasing your blog traffic and/or page rank...

LS Blogs

Blog Directory

Globe of Blogs



Blog Directory

Digerati Directory

Blog search directory


Blogs Directory

My Blog Directory

Feed Shark

Blog Directory Submit

Blogs by category

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Increasing Site Exposure - Directory Submitter Review

You may or may not know that Website Directory Submission is quickly becoming a very popular and easy way to get quality, one way links to your website.

These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for. The websites with more quality, one way links are typically the sites that rank the highest, period.

With that said, there are several websites directory submission programs on the market. The best and easiest to use is a new program created by Brad Callen, called Directory Submitter.

The software currently contains around 1700 website directories, all free. It is the most straightforward program that we've come across, in that all you need to do is:

1. Input your website details (i.e. title, description, URL, etc.) into the software

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to

And then the program will automatically fill in your website details. Then, you simply click the submit button and your website is instantly submitted to the directory. Then, you can move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're finished you'll have roughly 1500 one way links pointing to your website.

I can't think of an easier way to get links. Of course, if you're going to get links this quickly, it's important to vary your website title (anchor text) every 20-30 links or so, to make things look more natural to the search engines.

You can do this very easily via Directory Submitter when you create your project in the beginning.

The software is constantly being updated and their is an incredible community of users established that all work together to make the software better and better, so you know you're getting great value for the money.

Click here to check out the Directory Submitter Software

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Halloween

There are lots of interesting and different ways to promote your choice of income opportunities. This is just one of many. I thought that you might like to check out my latest promotion. This one was made for the Halloween season, but the concept could work any time. It was quick and easy to put together, so you can make your own in just a few minutes.

For this video I uploaded my own photo, then chose a Halloween costume. There are also several backgrounds to choose from. If you don't want to use your own photo, you can choose from one of the pictures they have available. You can see the last video I made here.

Anyway, to add the voice you can either record your message using a microphone or use the text to speech option. I have used the text to speech option because the house was pretty noisy while I was making my video, but I will probably make another one later on when I have the house to myself and put my own voice into it.

In any case, I thought it turned out rather well, so I wanted to share it with you, and let you know that you can make your own by clicking the link at the bottom of the video screen. Don't forget to watch the video first so that you can see how well it turned out.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yuwie - Social Networking That Pays!

Yuwie is a new social networking site, only a couple of months old, but they are really starting to take off. Like MySpace and Friendster, you can invite all of your friends to visit you at Yuwie to do the same activities that you would be doing at the other sites. The big difference with Yuwie is that YOU get a piece of the action. With MySpace and Friendster, all of your activities earn money for THEM. With Yuwie, they share the revenue with members.

Like some of the other social networking sites, you can send and receive messages, meet and make friends with other users, upload your pictures, upload your videos, start a blog, add your old schools, start or join onsite clubs, but with Yuwie you get paid for doing all of this and you also get paid when your referrals do any of these activities.

Besides getting paid for your own page views and the page views of your referrals though, you also get paid for page views from other members and from non-members as well.

I won't lie to you, the money won't come rolling in fast because this isn't some get rich quick scheme. You will have to put in the effort to get started, but it looks like it could have real potential for those who are willing to work at it.

It’s new, so get in on the ground floor. Watch the video, and if you’re really interested in earning some good money for doing a bit of work, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s entirely FREE.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today's Tips - Do Follow the D-List

I have blogs with Blogger, Blogchex, SoulCast and Wordpress, and I can tell you that the trouble with most blogs is that the blogs come with a built in "no follow" tag, which means that the search engines don't follow your comments and don't index them.

There are some though, who have figured out how to solve that problem. There are several free plugins available to remove the "nofollow" attribute from certain blogs. For blogs like Blogger and TypePad, they have also figured out how to remove the "nofollow" tags from their blogs, and allow the search engines to crawl through their blogs to index not only the entire blog, but also the comments that others leave there.

Many have joined the dofollow movement and gotten their blogs added to the "D List" by either installing dofollow pluggin or manually removing the nofollow tags from their blogs. I have read from other users that they use the Do Follow Wordpress plugin to remove the no follow tag from their wordpress blogs, although so far I have not been able to figure out how to do this. I have asked a couple of members of the movement for a little help with this, so I will have to wait and see what kind of response I get.

Anyway, Andy Beard can point you in the right direction with his "Ultimate List of DoFollow & Nofollow Plugins" as well as instructions for removing the nofollow tags from your blogger or typepad blogs. His instructions were a great help to me in helping me to join the movement.

I was not able to find such a tag on my Blogchex blog, so even though I think that it is all clear, I won't make any promises on it. Using the instructions Andy gave though, I managed to remove the nofollow tags from each of my Blogger blogs, however I haven't figured out how to do it to either my SoulCast or Wordpress blogs. While searching through the FAQ on Wordpress it said that we couldn't upload our own plugins, but somehow other members have done it, so it must be possible, or at least was possible at some time previously. If anyone can give me advice on how to do this, your comments would be appreciated.

There is a list of members who have either used one of the dofollow plugins to their blogs, or removed the nofollow tags in another way. All they ask is that you leave genuine, thoughtful, relevant comments. Please don't spam anyone on this list because your comments will just be removed anyway, but let's just be glad that these bloggers are helping you make the links that you leave on their blogs when you leave a comment for them count towards backlinks for your site. Please don't abuse the privilege. This DoFollow Blog list is courtesy of Courtney Tuttle and was created originally by Coleen as the D-List.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

SendEarnings - Get Paid to Sign Up, Refer Others, Read E-Mail, Complete Offers, and More!

Today I signed up with a new money making program called SendEarnings. Get Paid to Sign Up, Refer Others, Read E-Mail, Complete Offers, and More! In addition to the five dollar bonus you get for signing up, you also get lots of paid for surveys, paid to complete offers, paid to refer others and more. It looks like it has lots of free offers to complete so I decided to give it a try.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Earn Money Searching With Slash My Search

I just signed up for Slash My Search tonight. The idea behind this site is that you earn money every time you search using their website. Earn money by setting as your homepage. Earn even more money by using SlashMySearch as your primary search engine, the more you search the more you make, its that simple! You get paid for three levels for referrals. You never have to refer anyone, however, referring people will increase your earnings. Regardless of referrals, you will still be paid.

Of course all of this information is from the website, and I haven't had a chance to test it out yet. Since it doesn't cost anything to join though, I thought that I would give it a shot. As usual, I will keep you informed about how it goes.

In the mean time, I won't discourage anyone from joining any of the free programs even if my testing isn't complete because like I said, as long as you are not investing your hard earned cash into the program, you are not really losing anything by trying out some of the others at the same time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Joined POAD - Many Accounts Suspended Within Hours

I joined a program called POAD a couple of days ago. I was told that it was Free during prelaunch only, and then would need to be paid for beginning next month. From the description, members should be able to earn enough to pay for their membership. As always, I had my doubts, but I decided to try it out as long as it was free.

I signed up for the program, and the first thing you were required to do was to complete ten "missions" to get you started. These were easy tasks, such as completing profile information, introductions, etc. I didn't even get through with the ten missions before I had to stop for a while. When I came back to my computer to log back in, I found that my account had been suspended.

I spoke to several other members and found that their accounts were also suspended on the same day, so I can only assume that this site is not something that I would want to bother with. I was going to give them a shot while the prelaunch was available for free, but I certainly don't want to chance spending money on this site.

Monday, July 23, 2007

GetRef - Earn Referrals and Advertising Credits

I just joined a new program called GetRef where you can earn referrals or advertisements for your programs. Once you sign up for your free account, you need to log in, then you can earn by joining programs, clicking links or referring other members. If you don't join at least one program every three months,your offers won't ever be seen by anyone, so be sure to join at least one program right away and to join another at least every three months! With such a large variety of programs out there though, this shouldn't be a problem.

Although it looks like only Gold Members can earn cash with this one, you have two options:

Buy Referrals for your program
Buy exposures for your link

I have only been a member for a few hours, but have put in my offer to buy a referral to one of my programs, and saved up over one fourth of the points needed for the second referral. I don't have any takers yet, but I just posted my offer a little while ago.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Tips - Promoting Your Programs - July 11, 2007

You may recall that I previously suggested promoting your online money making programs by linking them to your blog, webpage, profile page or other places where such links are allowed. Now let me go into a little more detail on how to do this correctly for the biggest benefits.

One thing you never want to do is just make a list of links or ads because most readers will take one look at this and simply click away to another site. Nobody wants to spend their time looking at nothing but a page full of advertisements. You have to have some content to you page too.

If your page is about programs where you get paid to do various things, you don't want to just make a list of get paid to take surveys, get paid to surf, get paid for opinions, get paid to write, get paid to post, get paid to click, and get paid to play sites. Instead, you will want to incorporate the programs into a well written article that includes information about the programs you are linking.

When you are writing articles, try to keep your target audience in mind. If you are trying to attract readers who are interested in getting paid to take surveys for instance, you might want to try to include keywords such as get paid to take survey, get paid to complete surveys, or get paid for surveys along with your get paid to survey link.

The same would be true for whatever get paid for program you wish to promote. It could be anything from get paid to complete offers, get paid to eat, get paid to surf, get paid to type, get paid to write, get paid to click or anything else. The idea is the same. Choose your topic, and write your articles to include at least some sort of keywords relating to your opportunities. Be careful to choose your keywords carefully though, because they should always relate to the audience you are trying to bring in.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blogsvertise - Get Paid to Blog

If you have a blog and would like to get paid for writing content, why not sign up for Blogsvertise? Although I just signed up for this one tonight, my understanding is that they must first approve your blog, then they will offer assignments based on your blog contents. You then write a blog entry about sponsor's website. Your blog entry can be positive or negative, but must follow certain rules such as that it must include at least 75 words, and provide at least three links to the sponsor's website.

I just signed up tonight, so I do not have approval yet. I will be waiting to see how this one turns out. I think it sounds like an interesting opportunity for someone who enjoys blogging. There are also opportunities from this one to earn money for referring advertisers to Blogsvertise, so why not give it a shot.

The only downside I can see to this so far is that newer blogs are usually only accepted on a probationary status, and thus receive lower paying offers than those blogs that have been around longer. According to the information on their site, they usually put sites without posts dating back at least 90 days on a probationary status. This can be decided on a case-by-case basis, but in addition to quality posts, they prefer them to be at least 60 days old or at least have a good status with Google.

I Have Been Paid By Associated Content

I just got my first payment from Associated Content . When I got online today, the payment had been deposited in my Paypal account. They are now added to my growing list of companies that have paid me. So far I have published two articles and been paid for both. I have a couple of other articles that have been submitted and are waiting approval. I think that this site could be a good source of income for those who enjoy writing quality articles.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's Tips - Spread The Word - June 11, 2007

Since many income opportunities are referral based, one of the most important things you can do is to spread the word about your opportunity. Once you have chosen an opportunity where you are confident that you will earn money online, the next step should be to advertise whichever affiliate program you have chosen.

You can go about this several ways. Depending on the types of programs you have chosen, some may work better than others may. You can look at my MyLot profile page, and see how I have added information about some of my other opportunities to my profile. I have also added links to other blogs where I write.

Be careful when doing this because some sites may not allow it, but the key here is to get your links out there on as many sites as possible. The more sites that contain your links, the better your chances of increasing traffic to your website. This does not only hold true for those who stumble across your link, but it also increases the chances of a higher search engine ranking.

One good way to do this is to create a blog or a webpage of some sort where you can post some of your links. It doesn't have to be a blog about Earning Money Online, in fact there are many other topics that would rank much better in the search engines. In addition to my Income Opportunity blogs, I have written blogs on topics such as Karaoke and FreeStuff.

Your webpage or blog could be about any topic you like, and still easily promote your affiliate programs. You can add them in as text links as I have demonstrated by linking the sites above, or you may insert seperate advertisements between your posts. Use whichever method works best for you, but try to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please read my upcoming tips sections for more information on strategies for spreading the word about your income opportunities, referral programs, or other websites you would like to promote.

First Payment From aPairOf

I got my first payment from in the amount of $1.02 which would have been fine, except that I was greatly disappointed to find out that since they pay through Paypal, for some reason there are fees on this transaction of 34 cents, leaving me only $0.68 for my efforts. I'm not sure why this program has such fees attached when others don't, but there are certain Paypal fees that apply depending on the website, I will be allowing my next payment to build to a slightly larger amount before cashing out, just to see what happens.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DormCheck is No Longer A Paying Site

The DormCheck site was sold by it's former owner, and although the new owner says that he wants to keep the site open and operating, it is no longer going to pay members for their posts. He does hope that members will continue to enjoy posting to the forums, and says that if the forums grow enough, he may entertain the idea of paying for posts at some point in the future.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Blogging Site

I've recently joined another blogging site. This one isn't like the others though. It is sort of a combined blogging, community. Members share blogs, business opportunities, photo galleries, guesbook entries, and more, and get points and get paid on a point system. It's called Bizzy Blogz
Check them out.
Bizzy Blogz

Friday, March 30, 2007

Get Paid To Blog - Soul Cast

I just found another free site where I can get paid to blog. It is called Soul Cast and is pretty much like the others in that you get paid for showing the Google Adsense ads on your blog. The beauty of this is that you can show the ads on all of your blogs so they add up in your account and the totals accumulate.

Some may be offended by mature content, so be warned that mature content is permitted at Soul Cast.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Get Paid for reading Emails - $10 Signup Bonus

Get paid for reading emails. has a $10 signup bonus and a monthly payout. You get paid for each email that you read, plus you earn for each email that your referrals read, two levels down. You choose which categories you are interested in so they target the ads towards your interests. You choose to read the ads on site or in your email box.

Join Hits4pay Here

Get Paid To Read... Low Payout

I should be able to let you know the results of this one very quickly since it has a very low payout minimum of only $1 which I would assume I should be able to earn in a short period of time. I was told by a friend that she was paid by this one so I decided to give it a try.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Program Joined Last Night...Get Paid For Your Pictures

Another program joined that pays you share your pictures. Just think of the potential for a site like this. You could host all of your pictures for eBay, Myspace, and much more, and be paid for it. If you have a website with any amount of traffic, you have the potential for a lot of pictures being viewed in a day. The same holds true with sites like eBay or Myspace. Any similar site could give your pictures some good exposure. I signed up late at night and had earned 73 cents when I got up in the morning morning.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Program Joined Last Night...

I joined another program just last night. It is called Blogchex. Basically, you get paid to blog. Your blog can be about any topic you choose. They give you a free blog, and set you up with advertisers. The more page views, the more you earn. You also earn 5% of whatever your referrals earn. It’s simple and free. I have only been a member for a few hours so we will see, but so far, it looks promising. I'll keep you posted, but why not get started now.


Monday, March 12, 2007

My First Payment From MyLot

I just got my first payment from MyLot today. You can set your own payment level here so that your payments are automatically deposited into your Paypal account when your earnings reach $10, $25 or $50. I chose to collect mine at the $10 amount so that I could verify that this is a paying site.

MyLot is a site where you get paid to post your discussions, reply to the discussions of others, and post pictures. The discussions can be about just about any topic you like and if your interest is not included you can easily add it to the database in just a couple of clicks of the mouse. MyLot is also a community based site with a lot of people who are great about helping you get started.

Another thing I like about MyLot is their referral program. When you get a referral, you earn 25% of your referral's earnings, as well as your own. This means that if you have any active referrals you can earn a lot more than what I have earned in my first couple of months.

I have earned close to $20 in the less than two months I have been with MyLot and many members claim earnings much higher than mine, due in part to referrals I would guess.

Check out these online money making opportunities

This is just a quick list of links to some of the places where you can earn some money online. I will post more details in future entries...