Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Was Paid By PineCone Research

I joined PineCone Research recently and was given a couple of household surveys to complete right away. They do these to get an idea about what types of surveys you might qualify for. Anyway, the household surveys aren't paid, but they do pay for the other surveys, and so far I have received two checks from them during the short time that I have been a member.

The surveys ask for your opinions on a variety of things, mostly about new products and product ideas. I can't go into any details but the surveys should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes depending on your internet connection, and I earned $3 for them. So far I have been paid twice, and from what I have heard from other members, they get a survey or two every month or so. They also send out free products from time to time so that the survey panelists can try new products. I think that it is a good program, and would recommend it.

I had heard about it years ago and was told that the only way that you could sign up was by finding a banner somewhere and clicking on it. The trick was to find the banners, and it was a big mystery where it would turn up next because PineCone Research would not disclose this information. I was just discussing this with my sister a couple of weeks ago because my nephew was looking for some good paid survey sites to join. I came home and checked my email and found an email from them stating that they were looking for male participants over the age of 18, so of course I passed the information on to him. They don't accept all applications, but you can apply here.