Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Want to Earn Money From Your Website?

There are lots of ways that you can do this. I know of many bloggers who have used PayPerPost, Blogvertive, TextLinkAds, etc. on their sites to earn extra income from their blogs. Of course Google Adsense is everywhere you look. Nearly everyone I know has Google Adsense on their pages.

Just recently I came across another site, called TNX and I am checking into them further, but from what I understand from talking to others the advertising links are very natural looking, and they have an affiliate program as well. Although I have signed up for an account, I haven't tried it out yet because I am still checking into a few details so that I am certain I don't break any rules with Google or anything. From what I have seen so far, It looks like it will be ok to use this along with Google Adsense though. This is a direct quote from their website:

Can I combine TNX ads with Google AdSense or any other ad broker?

Answer: Yes, you can combine TNX ads with any other advertising sponsor. Your visitors will see TNX ads as direct links (usually subject oriented) to other sites. Even if some context advertising system does not allow combining ads with similar systems, you would still be able to add our code to your pages, because TNX is not context oriented and nobody can stop you from placing a direct link to another site. The HTML code of our ads is not different from a regular link.

I also know that Google frowns on selling paid text links, but TNX ads are supposed to be so natural and fit in so well with your content that even Google isn't supposed to be able to tell whether or not they are paid links or regular ones. Anyway, here is the link so you can check it out for yourself. If you have tried it, let me know what you think. Otherwise, I will be posting more once I have tried it... Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

I Was Paid By PineCone Research

I joined PineCone Research recently and was given a couple of household surveys to complete right away. They do these to get an idea about what types of surveys you might qualify for. Anyway, the household surveys aren't paid, but they do pay for the other surveys, and so far I have received two checks from them during the short time that I have been a member.

The surveys ask for your opinions on a variety of things, mostly about new products and product ideas. I can't go into any details but the surveys should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes depending on your internet connection, and I earned $3 for them. So far I have been paid twice, and from what I have heard from other members, they get a survey or two every month or so. They also send out free products from time to time so that the survey panelists can try new products. I think that it is a good program, and would recommend it.

I had heard about it years ago and was told that the only way that you could sign up was by finding a banner somewhere and clicking on it. The trick was to find the banners, and it was a big mystery where it would turn up next because PineCone Research would not disclose this information. I was just discussing this with my sister a couple of weeks ago because my nephew was looking for some good paid survey sites to join. I came home and checked my email and found an email from them stating that they were looking for male participants over the age of 18, so of course I passed the information on to him. They don't accept all applications, but you can apply here.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take a Free Ride and Earn Points

I have to admit that I had forgotten all about one of the first programs that I had ever signed up with. I don't recall what ever became of them... Maybe I wasn't earning points as fast as I thought I should, probably because of my ridiculously slow dialup connection that wouldn't stay on long enough to accomplish anything (but that is another story) but anyway, I ran across them again and decided to give Free Ride another shot.

As with a couple of other programs that I have joined, one thing that I am disappointed with is that they don't seem to have an affiliate link available to place on my website. It seems that the only way that I can invite anyone to join me is to send them an email. I would really appreciate it if you would allow me to send you and email invitation. To do this, simply contact me with your email address. I promise that I will only use it to send you your invitation. If you don't wish to do that, I will understand and you can just follow the link below. Nobody will get the 100 referral points, but at least you can still join Free Ride.

Signing up for Free Ride is easy and you start out with 500 bonus points. You can earn points by clicking links on their emails, shopping through advertisers on their site, and various other actions.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Signed up Today...

I just signed up for Best-Price today, but it sounds like it might be a pretty good program if you like to get paid for your opinions. I am still looking around the site, and from what I have seen you get paid for writing reviews and having other members rate them. The more members rate your reviews, the more money you earn. The minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, and it seems that they pay rather quickly according to other members. I can't vouch for that myself since I just joined today, but I will let you know for sure once I reach the $5 minimum payout and request my payment.

As far as earnings go, they say that you earn money for your reviews based on quality, so in order to earn more money for your reviews, you get paid according to the ratings that they receive from other members.

It looks like you can also earn money by referring others, although from what I can tell so far, you can only refer them by sending an email through the site. I wish I had a referral link to add to this post, but unfortunately I can only get my referral money if I have your email address...

I guess that leaves a couple of choices... Of course I would appreciate it if I could get the $1.50 that they pay for a referral, so if you want to give me your email address, I promise that I won't spam you or anything. I will not use it for anything other than to send you and invitation. You can contact me at Please put "refer me to Best-Prices" in the subject line so I don't miss your email.

Otherwise, you can follow the link and sign up at the Best-Price website and nobody will earn the money. The choice is yours, but as I said, I would appreciate it if you would consider allowing me to send you an invitation so that we can both benefit from this offer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog Directories - Submit Your Blog For More Exposure

This is part one of a two part segment on submitting your blog to various blog directories. I have included a nice variety of blog directories here where you can easily submit your blog. Just go through the list and submit your blog to them, one at a time and this will help to increase your exposure, and along with it, your page rank. I hope that you will make good use of this list of blog directories and watch the traffic to your blog increase dramatically. Feel free to let me know in the comment section whether or not you found these blog directories beneficial in increasing your blog traffic and/or page rank...

LS Blogs

Blog Directory

Globe of Blogs



Blog Directory

Digerati Directory

Blog search directory


Blogs Directory

My Blog Directory

Feed Shark

Blog Directory Submit

Blogs by category

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Increasing Site Exposure - Directory Submitter Review

You may or may not know that Website Directory Submission is quickly becoming a very popular and easy way to get quality, one way links to your website.

These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for. The websites with more quality, one way links are typically the sites that rank the highest, period.

With that said, there are several websites directory submission programs on the market. The best and easiest to use is a new program created by Brad Callen, called Directory Submitter.

The software currently contains around 1700 website directories, all free. It is the most straightforward program that we've come across, in that all you need to do is:

1. Input your website details (i.e. title, description, URL, etc.) into the software

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to

And then the program will automatically fill in your website details. Then, you simply click the submit button and your website is instantly submitted to the directory. Then, you can move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're finished you'll have roughly 1500 one way links pointing to your website.

I can't think of an easier way to get links. Of course, if you're going to get links this quickly, it's important to vary your website title (anchor text) every 20-30 links or so, to make things look more natural to the search engines.

You can do this very easily via Directory Submitter when you create your project in the beginning.

The software is constantly being updated and their is an incredible community of users established that all work together to make the software better and better, so you know you're getting great value for the money.

Click here to check out the Directory Submitter Software