Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today's Tips - Do Follow the D-List

I have blogs with Blogger, Blogchex, SoulCast and Wordpress, and I can tell you that the trouble with most blogs is that the blogs come with a built in "no follow" tag, which means that the search engines don't follow your comments and don't index them.

There are some though, who have figured out how to solve that problem. There are several free plugins available to remove the "nofollow" attribute from certain blogs. For blogs like Blogger and TypePad, they have also figured out how to remove the "nofollow" tags from their blogs, and allow the search engines to crawl through their blogs to index not only the entire blog, but also the comments that others leave there.

Many have joined the dofollow movement and gotten their blogs added to the "D List" by either installing dofollow pluggin or manually removing the nofollow tags from their blogs. I have read from other users that they use the Do Follow Wordpress plugin to remove the no follow tag from their wordpress blogs, although so far I have not been able to figure out how to do this. I have asked a couple of members of the movement for a little help with this, so I will have to wait and see what kind of response I get.

Anyway, Andy Beard can point you in the right direction with his "Ultimate List of DoFollow & Nofollow Plugins" as well as instructions for removing the nofollow tags from your blogger or typepad blogs. His instructions were a great help to me in helping me to join the movement.

I was not able to find such a tag on my Blogchex blog, so even though I think that it is all clear, I won't make any promises on it. Using the instructions Andy gave though, I managed to remove the nofollow tags from each of my Blogger blogs, however I haven't figured out how to do it to either my SoulCast or Wordpress blogs. While searching through the FAQ on Wordpress it said that we couldn't upload our own plugins, but somehow other members have done it, so it must be possible, or at least was possible at some time previously. If anyone can give me advice on how to do this, your comments would be appreciated.

There is a list of members who have either used one of the dofollow plugins to their blogs, or removed the nofollow tags in another way. All they ask is that you leave genuine, thoughtful, relevant comments. Please don't spam anyone on this list because your comments will just be removed anyway, but let's just be glad that these bloggers are helping you make the links that you leave on their blogs when you leave a comment for them count towards backlinks for your site. Please don't abuse the privilege. This DoFollow Blog list is courtesy of Courtney Tuttle and was created originally by Coleen as the D-List.