Sunday, February 10, 2008

A free way to save and earn money

I've found an easy way to earn some extra income. gives us cash back when we shop online at places like Ebay, Best Buy, Target, Gap, Old Navy, and a lot more.

Even better, when we tell people about it and they sign up, we get paid every time they shop. It's based on a sound business model and it's FREE.

Simply sign up with, then shop your favorite online shops as usual, but enter their sites through Every time you shop, you earn money. You can also earn money when your referrals shop at their favorite merchants through, and it won't cost you a thing.

I just signed up for this today so I can't give you a lot more details yet, but I think its definitely worth checking out since I am already shopping at some of these merchants anyway. I think this sounds like a worthwhile program, and I have heard good things about it from others who have been members for a while. Check them out here and see what you think.